Meet the Armenian young stars!

The broadcaster asked all the participants to describe themselves in a few words and this is what came from this. By the way, in addition to the photos below, you can also check our their entries.

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Lusine Ghazaryan

"I am Lusine Ghazaryan 11 years old. I study in the 6th grade and already 6 years attend the State Song Theatre of Armenia. I like singing, dancing and playing the piano. I participated in a musical, which was awarded a special prize in Children’s National Award. My motto is diligence", because only by diligence you can reach a top."

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Flora Mkhitaryan

"I am ten years old. My day begins with a song, sometimes merry and joyful, sometimes mournful and sad. When my soul sings I speakto my piano and my songs come into being. It seems to me that I love my song most of all in the world. I don’t tell my mother about it. I think she will get offended. Of course, it’s a joke. My motto is to enjoy your day with a jolly heart and the day will slide on a wing of a song."

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This year the band Style celebrates its 18th anniversary. Many years of hard work and awards. In 2007 the ensemble participated in Lets Change The World To The Better festival in the Artek international children's camp and honourably represented Armenia in Ukraine and in other international festivals abroad.

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Milli Miskaryan

Mili Miskaryan is 12 years old. She is studying in the musical specialized school after Chaikovsky, in the vocal and piano department. Since 3 years old she has managed to participate in many international competitions, received prizes and backing of the audience. She is happy, has a creative mind and theatrical appearance on the stage. Milli likes the stage with her whole heart.

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Mane Araqelyan 

"I’m Mane Araqelyan, 11 years old. I like to sing, have fun and dream very much. I love Beyonce, Christina Aguillera, Bruno Mars. I'm participating in the Armenian national selection, because I would like my Yergavazq song to be heard by many teenagers. Let Yergavazq gather everybody and make all our dreams come true.

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Compass band 

"Hello, everybody! We are the Compass band. Our group is going to be one year old very soon. We play and sing rock. We love to listen to Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, Deep Purple, The Beatles, etc. In the 2012 Armenian national selection we represent Sweetie Baby song. It is about a smile. We would like every girl to smile and we are ready to do our best to make it happen."

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Tatev Yengibaryan 

Tatev Yengibaryan is 10 years old and studies in the 6th grade. With her song Tatev shows the world of 'juniors', becoming their ambassador. She talks about nature’s greatest reward – love. By singing she expresses her deep feelings and emotions to those, who enjoy her lovely and gentle voice. 

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Ninela Mkhitaryan

Ninela M.Mkhitaryan is 14 years old. She studies in high school and attends piano classes. Ninela has taken part in many concerts, festivals and competitions. For the Junior Eurovision Song Contest national selection she has applied 3 times, this year with the song Im Ashkhar’y. Most of all she loves her friends and Armenia.

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Angelina Gasparyan

Angelina Gasparyan is 10 years old. She is an excellent pupil at school and also attends piano and guitar classes. Angelina has already 11 songs and 4 music videos. She has letters of honour at school for excellent progress. She decided to become a singer and a good lawyer. She dreams she can make all children happy in the world. 

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"I’m Lidushik, 13 years old. I started singing when I was 3 years old. I play the piano and the pipes and also attend dance classes and run a Top-5 music program. I have 15 songs and 4 music videos. In 2010 I released a DVD and this year my new album Poqreri Ashkharh. I represented Armenia in the famous New Wave contest and got the Italian Rai Uno award to participate in Ti Lascio Una Canzone show. 

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Karen Ohanyan

Karen Ohanyan is 11 years old. He studies in the 6th form of Secondary school number 162 aft. Siamanto and attends piano classes in music school after Stephan Jrbashyan. Karen loves singing and dancing, also theater. He is acting in Hamazgayin State Theater as an actor. He is a pupil of Do-Re-Mi vocal studio.

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Vahagn Grigoryan 

"I'm Vahagn Grigoryan. I was born on June 22 in 1999, in Yerevan. I study in the 9th form.  I attend the study groups of tennis, singing, dancing, math, English and Armenian. My interests are hiking and horse riding. I've already been to 21 countries: Indonesia, Thailand, France, Italy, Germany, Sweden, Denmark, Norway and so on ... My goal is to visit all countries of the world. I have traveled by all existing vehicles, only a spacecraft is left!

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Sona Dunoyan 

"I am Sona Dunoyan, 14 years old. I'm always running - running to school, although it was close to our house, running to the music school, now to Music College. I have a lot to do in my life and I think that I have to keep running to be in time, as life is so fast too. For me, I chose this life motto lines. Not a step back, not a step on place, but always forward, towards the heights, which was the motto of my favourite school.

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Gayane Ghazaryan

Gayane Ghazaryan is 12 years old. She studies in the 7th form. Gayane also attends violin classes at and already for a year she is a pupil of the Do-Re-MI vocal studio. Gayane loves to compose, sing and dance.

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Group Khentutyun

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Marine Abrahamyan

"I'm Marine Abrahamyan. I was born in 1999 in Kislovodsk town. I have a lot of interests. I love making photos and seeing what others don’t notice. Now I have a lot of goals and with time they will become true. I am fond of horse sport and have to say, that horses are such intelligent animals! I never give up and can’t stand lying, injustice and betrayal."

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Zangak studio

Zangak Song Studio was established in 1995 in Etchmiadzin city. In 17 years the song studio has reached success participating in many international contests. It's already the 5th year they are taking part in the Armenian national selection. This year Petros, Tamara and Ani are representing Zangak studio. They are cheerful teenagers, love to sing and dance. 

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