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Meet our stars: Egor Zheshko from Belarus

18 November 2012 at 20:00 CET

Belarus is one of the most succesful countries at the Junior Eurovision Song Contest. They can count on victories in 2005 with Ksenia Sitnik and 2007 with Alexey Zhigalkovich. They have participated in every contest since the first edition and last year they came third with the beautiful Angely Dobra performed by Lidiya Zablotskaya.

This year the task of keeping that statistic high goes to Egor Zheshko (12) a hopeful guy who became a telented musician at a very young age. You can check his biography, pictures and video on his participant profile.

Remember that the 2012 Junior Eurovision Song Contest will be held in Amsterdam on Saturday the 1st of December at 20:15 CET and you can watch it live right here on!