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Meet George Michaelides from Cyprus

22 October 2016 at 10:00 CEST

13 year old George has a wealth of experience in the performing arts and theatre both in Cyprus and internationally. In 2014 George travelled to Germany for the UDO European Street Dance Championships and ranked 3rd place in the Under 12’s Advance Solo Category. George has trained with some of the industry’s most distinguished performers, choreographers and creative directors such as Lukas Mc Farlane, Gareth Walker and Ryan Jenkins.

Aside from his performances with his theatre school, George is also active in martial arts and currently holds a blue belt in judo. Over the past couple of years George has supported local charities by performing at their fundraising events. Charities that he has supported include PASYKAF (Cyprus Association. of Cancer Patients and Friends), St Michaels Hospice, Animal Welfare and Solidarity Paphos. Last year he was nominated for a Paphos Hearts of Gold Award for his work.