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Maša and Lejla: "We're not allowed back home without presents for our friends"

The stage is empty at the very start of the song, and as the first lines kick in, Maša comes in from the left side of the stage, and Lejla comes in from the right. They meet at the centre, where they get the party going as the upbeat part of the song starts. Both Maša and Lejla are using headsets, and they are inviting the audience to rock out with them. 

The backdrop is black, with blue/purple lines, bright green lights, and white splashes changing on it. Just before the final chorus, the girls go towards the two catwalks, inviting everyone to dance with them.

When asked about their rehearsal, Maša said: "We are very happy with everything! The stage is really amazing, and everything went well. This was our first rehearsal, it was good, and the next one will be even better."

Lejla added: "We have a lot of support both here and back home in Montenegro. All of our school friends love the fact that we are representing Montenegro, and they told us not to come back home without bringing them presents."

Maša and Lejla will have their second rehearsal at the same time on Thursday morning, and on Saturday evening they will perform 10th.

Check out the impression of Maša's and Lejla's first rehearsal right here: