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Marvelous Monica brings a sweet performance

28 November 2013 at 11:49 CET

Monica and her dancers have more and more sweets appearing on stage, as the song goes on. They have a giant chocolate bar, ice-cream cups with lots of ice-cream scoops, with strawberries, cherries and other fruits. As the song develops, the dancers bring a big cake, muffins, brownies and other different sweets with them on stage.

Monica has a white sparkly dress with candies on it, and her dancers are also dressed as if they were all working in a chocolate factory. Their complicated choreography is a piece of cake for them, and they interact with each other very well. A nice violin touch in the bridge also adds a lot to this performance. Monica seems set to conquer all those who love a good uptempo track, a big dance number, and of course - sweets and chocolate!

Check out Monica's video from the rehearsal right here: