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Lizi Japaridze: “I'm happy because I'm meeting new friends”

Lizi was standing in the center of the stage surrounded by her dancers Kate, Nita, Sophie and Dea. The background was showing a butterfly, first flitting amongst the stars and then flying up to the sun, and the dancers were acting like ballerinas in a music box. Lizi was very motivated during this first rehearsal and even encouraged the audience to sing along with her.

“I was a bit nervous because it was the first rehearsal and I did not know how everything was going to be put together” Lizi said right after the rehearsal, but she was “happy” with the final result.

Lizi is enjoying her time in Malta: “I travel a lot, I have been in many countries but not here. And I like Malta because it is a very old country, like Georgia”. She is also enjoying being with the other participants: “I really like meeting new friends and communicating with them so I am very happy.”

Remember that Lizi will perform her song “Happy Day” 6th in the running order on Saturday.