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Liza, Elen, Tako and Data to represent Georgia!

Liza (12 years old), Elen (10 years old), Tako (11 years old), and Data (11 years old), are all from Tbilisi, and members of the Bzikebi Studio.

Liza loves singing, dancing, painting, skiing, and snowboarding, and she would like to become a famous singer and a fashion model. Elen, the youngest member of this quartet, loves swimming, hip-hop dancing, and takes part in charity events, and she is dreaming of having her own charity foundation.

Tako is very much into dancing, singing, and modeling, and when she was only six years old, she was crowned the princess of the year! The only boy of the quartet, Data, loves swimming and playing football.

The song which this talented quartet will be performing in Sofia on the 21st of November is yet to be released.