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Stage 2018
Stage 2018
Photo: Andres Putting

WATCH TODAY: The 2018 Junior Eurovision Song Contest!

Today, at 16.00 CET, the live show of the 2018 Junior Eurovision Song Contest will kick off at the Minsk Arena in Belarus. In this story we will tell you what to expect!

Later today we will find out who will be handed the trophy by last year's winner Polina Bogusevich from Russia! All 20 young artists from the participating countries have rehearsed a lot in the past week, in order to get ready for the live show. At 16:00 CET they will finally be able to perform their song for all the Junior Eurovision Song Contest fans!

How and where to watch?

You surely do not want to miss this year's show, which holds a record number of 20 participants. We will stream the show live on the official YouTube channel (without commentary):

Also check out your public broadcaster's schedule to find out how to watch on TV.

How to vote?


After watching the recap of all 20 performances, you can vote for 3, 4 or 5 of your favourites — no matter where you live! If you wish, and if your country is amongst the 20 participating acts, you can even support your own country.

The 1st round of voting lasts until Sunday, 25 November, 15:59 CET, just before the live show starts.

The 2nd round of voting starts after the last country (Poland) has performed. Online voting re-opens for approximately 15 minutes more.

Read the details about the online voting process for the 2018 Junior Eurovision Song Contest here.

The trophy

Trophy of Junior Eurovision Song Contest
Trophy of Junior Eurovision Song Contest © Andres Putting

The winner of this year's contest will take home a glass microphone designed by Swedish glassware designer Kosta Boda. Jon Ola Sand, Executive Supervisor: "The glass microphone with a central burst of colour really encapsulates this year’s theme 'Light Up'."

In addition the winner will get his or her special appearance during the next Eurovision Song Contest in Tel Aviv!


Who are the participants?

All 20 participants of Junior Eurovision 2018
All 20 participants of Junior Eurovision 2018 © Unknown

This year, the Junior Eurovision Song Contest holds a record amount of participating countries: 20 young artists take the stage.

The complete running order of the 2018 Junior Eurovision Song Contest is as follows:

  1. Ukraine
  2. Portugal
  3. Kazakhstan
  4. Albania
  5. Russia
  6. The Netherlands
  7. Azerbaijan
  8. Belarus
  9. Ireland
  10. Serbia
  11. Italy
  12. Australia
  13. Georgia
  14. Israel
  15. France
  16. F.Y.R. Macedonia
  17. Armenia
  18. Wales
  19. Malta
  20. Poland

Find out more about the participants HERE.

Listen to all the songs HERE.

The hosts

Hosts of Junior Eurovision 2018
Hosts of Junior Eurovision 2018 © BTRC

Eugene Perlin, Helena Meraai and Zena will host the 2018 Junior Eurovision Song Contest. Eugene is a BTRC TV host and Eurovision Song Contest commentator, Helena represented Belarus in 2017 in Tbilisi and Zena is a singer and artist.


The Minsk Arena

Just like during the 2010 Junior Eurovision Song Contest, the Minsk Arena in Belarus will be the centre of attention. The huge stage will be made up of a huge centre video screen of 7 by 20 metres, with on the left and right side video screens of 7 by 8 metres. Even the stage floors will have video screens in them! Minsk will surely #LightUp tonight!


With only a few more hours to go until the live show, it is time to get your favourite spot on the couch, get some snacks and decide who you are going to vote for. Enjoy the show!