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Life after JESC... Federica Falzon!

10 February 2015 at 13:46 CET

"Before I went on stage I didn't feel as excited as I thought I would, but I was really happy when I heard the crowd shouting and cheering!" Explained Federica, who carried the hopes of her whole nation on her shoulders.

After I sang I felt honoured that I had just represented Malta in such a great show, and I was a bit sad because everything ended so fast.

Federica was selected internally by PBS, after she won the Italian children’s singing show "Ti Lascio Una Canzone". As the home-town girl at Junior Eurovision, she was lucky enough to have friends and family with her all the way. "When I returned home there were some of my friends waiting for me at our hang out, which is in front of my house," she told us. They cheered for me and congratulated me. "The next day I went to school, and all of my friends told me how great I sang"

There were many great songs in last year’s competition, but which did Federica like the most?  "My favourite song in Junior Eurovision 2014 was 'Tu primo grande amore' by Vincenzo, and Russia’s entry 'Dreamer'."

Since the end of Junior Eurovision in November, what has Federica been up to? "Since November I have made many friends, and I started going out with my friends a bit more," she said. "I had a bit of a break (from performing), and then went to Rome to take part in an Italian television show called 'Un Mondo Da Amare'."

Finally, what would Federica say to something thinking of taking part in next year's Junior Eurovision? "I would say that the important thing is not that you win, but that you have fun - because I sure did, haha! Try to make new friends and do your best always".

It just wouldn't be possible talk with Federica, and not remind ourselves of her performance in Junior Eurovision. Well done to Malta's Diamond!