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Kyiv 2009: Trophies for everyone!

18 August 2009 at 20:49 CEST

First of all, the sub-logo for this year's even was introduced. You know the 'tree of life'? Well, Ukraine's developed it further and the logo will be a 'sunflower of life'! This should give it a 'green' aspect as well as happiness. Like the organisers say - the Junior Eurovision Song Contest is about making people happy!

That is actually why this year not only the winner gets a trophy but all the participants. The author of all the creative work is Maria Primachenko, a famous Ukrainian artist.

Legend of the sunflower of life

Immemorial folk legends brought us ancient perceptions of how the Universe appeared from the virgin chaotic ocean. They tell us about the times when there were no skies, no land, but the cold blue sea. There was a tree towering over that sea.  

Once upon a time a little flower showed up at the tree. The light came out from that bloom and poured over the endless water. When the second flower opened at the tree a fascinating music started to sound from everywhere. 

Once the light of the third flower lit up at the tree – the colors appeared.

It was then that the sea retreated, the skies showed up. And people emerged, young and old. And this miracle made them happy. They started to sing and dance around the blossoming tree which gave them happiness. 

Hosts to be chosen soon

NTU also announced they'll be  selecting the hosts very soon. People can submit their applications until the 31st of August and the auditions will be held on the first and second of September.

The world's largest kids' song contest will be held on the 21st of November in Kiyv, the capital of Ukraine.