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It's Beknur and Alinur for Kazakhstan 🇰🇿

06 November 2021 at 12:48 CET
Beknur and Alinur from Kazakhstan Khabar
Alinur Khamzin & Beknur Zhanibekuly have won the Kazakhstan national selection for Junior Eurovision after battling it out in a thrilling final.

The exciting event saw 10 artists perform in Nur-Sultan, the capital of Kazakhstan:

  1. Aiganym Amantai
  2. Beknur Zhanibekuly
  3. Makim Zhan
  4. Abilkair Zhumabay
  5. Amina Asgatova
  6. Armen Saakyan
  7. Ekaterina Tabarina
  8. Adına Sulenova
  9. Alimzhan Tugelbai Alimzhan
  10. Alinur Khamzin

The winner was determined by 50% public voting and 50% jury voting, but right from the start it was a tight race!

The combined scores produced a tie between Beknur Zhanibekuly and Alinur Khamzin. Both artists scored 30.5% of the vote which meant the winner came down to the jury.

Extraordinarily, the jury could not decide between the two participants. Instead, they chose to invite both Beknur and Alinur to Paris!

The 10 participants of the national selection of Kazakhstan Khabar

Kazakhstan joined the Junior Eurovision Song Contest in 2018, but has already built up quite an impressive track record.

Their first representative, Daneliya Tuleshova, finished in 6th place and later went on to compete in America’s Got Talent!

Yerzhan Maxim competed in 2019 and made it all the way to 2nd place, right behind Viki Gabor from Poland.

The following year, Kazakhstan repeated their 2019 achievement when Karakat Bashanova narrowly missed out on the top spot to France’s Valentina.

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