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Junior Eurovision fans #together - Part 8!

Hello! My name is Chiara Gisondi, I'm nearly 15 and I'm from Pinerolo, a small town near Turin, in the north of Italy. I’ve been following Junior Eurovision since 2011 when I totally fell in love with it - That's why I'm so happy that Italy will make its debut this year!

When I first heard of Junior Eurovision, I thought that it was an amazing thing and then I watched the 2011 edition and I totally fell in love with it! The thing that I love the most about the competition is the fact that the children have to sing in their language and thanks to that I've recently started learning Swedish. After the 2011 edition, I also watched all the previous shows and I've confirmed my love for the contest. I was also a big fan of Michele Perniola, Gaia Cauchi and Federica Falzon when they participated in "Ti Lascio Una Canzone" so I'm glad that they are part of the Junior Eurovision world now! :)

This is the last year that I'm in the "Junior" side of the Eurovision world (I'm turning 15 in October, so when the 2015 will be held, I'll be 16) and even if I sing, I think there are a lot of kids that are better singers than I am; so my dream is being the Italian spokesperson this year. :) But even if this won't happen, I will watch Junior Eurovision 2014 (FINALLY) on TV!

I really like the slogan #together for this year's JESC, because it basically says what Junior Eurovision is: not only a competition in which kids sing for win prizes, but a night in which kids from all over Europe come together and have a good time, without thinking about their different nationalities or languages. Thank you for listening me :) (and maybe see you in Malta!)

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