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Junior Eurovision fans #together - Part 6!

25 July 2014 at 11:24 CEST

My story of Junior Eurovision and myself is quite a short one: I was already a fan of the adult contest since 2009 and enjoyed the victory of my country, Germany, in 2010. After the 2011 contest in Düsseldorf, my interest in Junior Eurovision began to rise. The contest in Amsterdam was the first I watched live and it was really stunning. As NTU, the host broadcaster in 2013, organized a quiz for Junior Eurovision tickets to the Kyiv show, I took part for many weeks and finally won my ticket for the very first live Eurovision ever. Spontaneously I flew to Kyiv and enjoyed the show while at Maidan the demonstrations began - Thank God I reached my flight back home although I was trapped at the Main Square during a demonstration with thousands of people!

Nevertheless, I enjoyed the competition very much as I did it at my first live Eurovision Song Contest this May in Copenhagen. Meeting Emmelie de Forest on my flight to Kyiv was just the beginning of a true fairytale at Junior Eurovision 2013. Thank you for that!

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