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Junior Eurovision fans #together - Part 1!

My name is Ken and I come from The Netherlands. Before I followed Junior Eurovision, I listened to electronic trance music only. Starting from 2007 I began working with children and this way I started learning about kids’ music and could not help liking it. This was yet still before I discovered the contest.

In the winter of 2009-2010 I started to learn about the contest. Oddly enough this had nothing to do with Ralf's victory. Whilst on YouTube, I found a Russian children’s song, which I thought was amazing. A few days later I found out, this was an entry from a contest called "Junior Eurovision". The song that brought me to this contest was from Ksenia Sitnik in 2005. The second song that I listened via suggestions was Laura from Belgium 2009 and when this brought me to Ralf (which I knew), and I started to google about some more Junior Eurovision.

This brought me to a JESC community, called This was the spot, where I got the virus. The first year was amazing to follow and the years after were so too. Every year around the adult contest, I look forward to the first show that kicks off the Junior Eurovision season. Most of the times this way Russia, with the most amazing national finals, and it is an awesome way for me to kick off the season. This comes together with summer weather and brings me in a full good mood swing. When the summer ends, it’s time for the actual contest, which I watch with friends, family or live in the arena like in 2012 and this year. I went to the national selections from my own country in 2011, 2012 and am planning to go in 2014.

Personally I love the up-tempo genres in this contest a lot. It’s a music genre not heard in other places. Also the fact these young artists sing in their own language attracts me to this contest and I think young artists have different voices. The results in the end of the contest are always so exciting and are the true grand final from the contest.

Junior Eurovision fans #together

We have already received lots of your stories, and will publish more soon. If you haven’t already sent us your memories, email them to [email protected] and share them #together with all Junior Eurovision fans!