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Polish Food Test
Anna Kearney (Ireland), Melani Garcia (Spain), Mila Moskov (North Macedonia) and Viki Gabor's dancers (Poland)
Photo: EBU

Junior Eurovision 2019 contestants try Polish food

Polish Junior Eurovision 2019 delegate Viki Gabor introduced some of the other participants to some local food during their time in Gliwice. Read on to see their thoughts!

Poland's Viki Gabor, along with her dancers, sat down with Liza Misnikova (Belarus), Mila Moskov (North Macedonia), Melani Garcia (Spain) and Anna Kearney (Ireland) to try some local specialities.

First up were steamed dumplings, traditionally served with sugar. The artists then tried smoked cheese, which Viki explained had a very particular taste which some people really like and others don't. Spanish delegate Melani really enjoyed this one: "I think the cheese is amazing, I love it...we don't have anything like that in Spain, so it's so good!", she exclaimed. North Macedonia's Mila felt differently. Szarlotka, a polish apple cake, received a resounding yes from the entire group.

Polish food in Gliwice-SilesiaEBU

Other dishes included Polish ham and traditional sausage. The artists then told about their favourite Polish and local dishes from their home countries to the rest of the group. From their countries, Melani chose a local paella and Mila stuffed bell peppers. Of the Polish food, it was ham that won the most votes in the end!