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Junior Eurovision 2015: 21 November in Sofia, Bulgaria

Fourteen-year-old Vincenzo Cantiello from Italy won the 12th competition in Malta last year with his song ‘Tu Primo Grande Amore,’ with Bulgarian singer Krisia and piano prodigies Hasan and Ibrahim earning second place for ‘Planet of the Children.’

As the winners of 2014, Italian broadcaster RAI was given first option to host the 2015 event, but were not obliged to do so.

Bulgarian Broadcaster BNT was eager to take on the challenge of hosting the event in 2015.  "This is a unique chance for BNT and Bulgaria to host one of the most prestigious music competitions in Europe.  Krisia, Hassan and Ibrahim proved that success is possible," BNT’s Director General, Vyara Ankova said.

"We also loved participating in the 2014 event put on by PBS Malta and were very impressed by the renewed energy, commitment and enormous talents of the children. We believe that Bulgaria, as the host country, will be a new platform to young talent from all over Europe while enlightening them to the beauty and traditions of our country."

Junior Eurovision Executive Supervisor Vladislav Yakovlev agrees. “We are greatly looking forward to helping BNT Bulgaria in their preparations to host this year’s event.  EBU and the Junior Eurovision Steering Group will do our utmost to ensure that all the children and broadcasters who participate will be part of a positive and fun event that gives them time in the spotlight and opportunities for creativity and friendship,” he said.

The Arena

Junior Eurovision 2015 will be held in the state of the art Arena Armeec, which was opened in 2011. The venue has a capacity of up to 15,000 people for concerts, however this will be reduced for Junior Eurovision due to the stage, green room, camera positions and production facilities. You can read more information about the venue by clicking: here.

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About Junior Eurovision

Entries and interest from broadcasters all over Europe remains high, with sixteen countries participating in 2014: the highest number since 2007. Several countries have already commenced preparations to seek performers aged between 10 and 15 who can take on the honour of representing their country. The contest is open exclusively to broadcasters that are Members of the EBU. The closing date for submission of entries is Friday 28th August.