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Junior Eurovision 2014: #together in Malta!

09 May 2014 at 19:10 CEST

Executive Supervisor Vladislav Yakovlev spoke to the assembled press about the history of the competition, as well as the format changes that have been introduced recently to increase the number of participating countries. Anton Attard, CEO of PBS, will be the Executive Producer of the 2014 Edition. He presented PBS' vision for this year's competition in Malta, including how local schoolchildren will be involved.

Logo and slogan presented
With great pleasure, Anton Attard also presented the logo and slogan for Junior Eurovision 2014: #together. The logo, which you can see above, is designed on the elements of the Maltese eight pointed cross and its different segments are connected together in such a way that specific shapes are created. The dynamics of the connections make the logo clever, changeable and challenging.

The colour palette is bold and dynamic and takes its inspiration from the richness and diversity of the Maltese landscape: Sand, Sea, Stone, Grass, Sky, Dusk and Sunset. The harmonious blend of colours provides flexibility and vibrancy to all communication materials.

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