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Junior 2013: 'Be creative!'

This year is the Year of Children’s Creativity in Ukraine. Deriving from that idea, the theme of the contest will concentrate on exactly that - the amazing creativity of children everywhere.

"Creativity is a part of our life from our earliest childhood," the organisers explain. "Children learn about the world through creativity."

"Children explore their own imagination and freedom of expression. Our encouragement shapes their world and helps to develop the creative side that is in all of us from the moment we are born."

According to the team at NTU, 'Be creative' is an appeal to both to participants of the Junior Eurovision Song Contest who already have discovered their fascination with music, and to those talented children who have found themselves in other creative spheres, and with the help of their parents are exploring new ways of expression in the areas that fascinate them the most.

"It is also a call for development, for continuing the freedom to create because each and every outpouring of creative ability has the capacity to make this world a better place," they add.

"There are numerous talents hidden in every person that need and deserve to be discovered and developed. An understanding of this innate creativity in all of us is an important part of our lives."

The 11th Junior Eurovision Song Contest will take place on the 30th of November in Kyiv, Ukraine.