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Jump into JESC Week!

An important part of the JESC week is for the contestants to get to know the country they’re in, the kids they’re performing with and, most importantly, to have fun.  Host broadcaster PBS Malta have created a Cultural and Social Programme for the JESC participants and have also kindly invited members of their delegations (parents, dancers, mentors) and the press.

(photo: Flora Melitensis)

The week starts with a dash of glamour on Sunday 9th November as the Opening Ceremony is being held at the Verdala Palace, Rabat.  This is the summer residence of the President of Malta and situated on the highest part of the islands.  With a red carpet entry, welcome speeches and the official draw for the order of performances it will be a nice spot for everyone to dress up and meet up.

From Monday onwards, sixteen separate schools around Malta and Gozo will adopt a participant from one of the sixteen JESC countries for the week.  The schools have been learning about the country they have ‘adopted’ and will accompany their participant(s) to mini concerts and cultural excursions.  This connection will continue right to the final live concert, with fifty children from the school at the front of the stage singing, dancing and waving their arms in support of their adopted country. Who wouldn’t want to see fifty smiling new-found friends at the front of the stage cheering them on?

(photo: Malta cultural tours)

In collaboration with last year’s winner, the incredible Gaia Cauchi, and the Ministry of Education, there will be a series of mini concerts held at various schools in Malta and Gozo.  Students too will be encouraged to take part and show off their own unique talents (singing being only one of them), as we know that Gaia and Federica aren’t the only stars on the islands…..

On the days that they are not rehearsing, JESC participants will also be enjoying social outings around Malta and Gozo as guests of their adopted schools.  With the support of Heritage Malta, they’ll be given the opportunity to visit historical sites, different museums, scenic spots and harbour cruises.

(photo: Malta cultural tours)

The press haven’t been forgotten either.  Sightseeing tours are being made available for press members to see more of Malta than just the Marsa shipyards.  A harbour cruise will showcase the natural beauty of the Grand Harbour and the centuries’ old fortifications built by the Knights of St John.  Towns and villages will also be visited for a taste of the culture, beauty and history that Malta is world-famous for. 

When the delicious local food and friendly people are also factored in, then it’s clear that JESC week will be a very memorable one!