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Julia's journey: From a little village to the big stage

02 November 2014 at 11:15 CET

Only a few months ago, Julia van Bergen was a normal fifteen-year-old girl in the town of Zeewolde: going to school, having sleepovers with her friends, and wondering if that boy from her class would ever get a clue and just say that he liked her! But her decision to sit down at her piano, turn her feelings into a song, and then to send that song to Dutch broadcaster AVROTROS, changed her life forever.

Julia's road to Malta

Despite having never performed professionally, Julia’s took her song "Around" (which she wrote with the help of producers The Rocketeers) and stormed the Dutch National Final, 'Junior Songfestival'. In both her semifinal and final performances, she claimed top scores from the public televote, kids’ jury, and professional panel.

About the song

Like so many girls her age, Julia was confused and frustrated by the hot-and-cold behavior of a boy that struck her fancy. Unlike other girls her age, however, Julia will have the chance to tell (or, in this case, sing) her story on the Junior Eurovision stage in front of a massive global audience! The song is performed in Dutch, but part of the song translates as follows:

And for a moment you’re so close, you’re right here looking at me

I’m like the sun that’s lighting up your eyes

But how come you turn around and go?

On stage

Julia's performance in Malta will not be disimilar to her stage act in the Junior Songfestival. She will be joined on stage by four male backing dancers, who will enhance the performance around her.

You can find out more about Julia by:

 Video greeting

Julia sent us a special video greeting, check it out below:

Watch Julia's video!