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Julia: "I'm going to give my best performance ever!"

10 November 2014 at 12:51 CET

Wearing sporty outfits in black, white, and flashes of gold, Julia and her crew (Gino, Damian, Jonathan, and Giorgio) gave us an energetic, modern performance that blended the upbeat vibe of the music and the main theme of the song: the ups, downs, and around-and-arounds of a crush! They didn't appear to bring props to the stage; these five talented performers let their voices and their choreography do the talking.

When asked about her impressions of the stage and her first rehearsal, 15-year-old Julia said: "It was weird, since it was the first time, but it was great! I think we're going to learn so much from this, and I'm going to give my best performance ever!"

When asked about how she felt when her song, which she had written on her own, had been remixed and professionally produced by the Rocketeers, "It was a double-feeling, since it was hard to see my song changed so much, but the new song was so great, that I knew I had to go on. I think it's great!"

The Dutch delegation will have their second run-through on Wednesday, November 13th. Even though they were the first act to rehearse today, they will actually be closing out Saturday's programme, performing 16th in the Junior Eurovision Final, as determined by last night's draw.