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Jill & Lauren hit 750,000 views

12 November 2010 at 15:24 CET

In the meantime, the music video for their song Get Up has been watched over 750,000 times on the internet! The album of the Belgian national selection, which includes of course Get Up, has already gone platinum and is still peaking in the Belgian album charts. 

So, Europe gets ready for a real musical treat because Jill & Lauren are eager to have a party in Minsk!  Together with their usual dancers Jasper Cocquyt, Louis Heeren, Jasper Drumont and Nathan Pruvoost, they've worked the last few weeks even harder to get their crazy act to the next level. Fireworks on stage, a whole new outfit – everything is in place for a stunning performance. 

And the good news is that you don’t have to miss a thing of their Eurovision adventure in Belarus. The Belgian channel for kids, Ketnet, keeps everyone up to date of what’s going on with Jill & Lauren as will!

Laura Omloop, last year’s candidate for Belgium, will provide the points of the Belgian jury. 

The Junior Eurovision Song Contest will be held on the 20th of November, which is already next Saturday, in Minsk, Belarus.