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Jill & Lauren become finalists in Belgium

29 September 2010 at 20:16 CEST

Emile opened the third show with Diep In Mijn Lijf, a fragile pop song. Laura Omloop (Belgian candidate last year) was charmed by Emile’s appearance and liked the fact that the song starts as a ballad and ends up being a rock song. 

Another judge, Stan Van Samang, was left with mixed emotions; he thought that Emile was a great performer but felt that the song was just a bridge too far for Emile’s voice.

Then Jill & Lauren took the stage with the catchy dance-song Get Up. One of the judges, Walter Grootaers, thought that their voices blended perfectly and that the girls were a match made in heaven.

Also, Ralf Mackenbach (winner of last year's Junior Eurovision Song Contest) was nothing but positive about their act on stage and stated that the song had a great international appeal.

Although the jury of "ex-Juniors" chose Emile as their favourite, all the other members preferred Jill & Lauren. Afterwards, Jill almost couldn’t believe they won but she also found that Emile was a worthy opponent who actually deserved to be in the finals too. Lauren was also delighted and said she had a lot of fun on stage.

See our video below!

DNA was chosen on Monday and Ferre was picked on Tuesday to go to the final, to be held on Friday. Tomorrow Ymke and Luís get a last shot at hitting the Belgian national final.