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Photo: Andres Putting (EBU)

Israel's Shir and Tim: "When Junior Eurovision is over, we will really miss it!"

Israel is participating for the second time in Junior Eurovision. Shir & Tim will perform Follow My Heart in the 2016 Junior Eurovision Song Contest with the song. The second rehearsal went well for the young duo and they are excited about the final on Sunday.

Shir, or Shira, as she is also known, is 13 years old and goes to school in Galilee. She likes singing, dancing and acting and took a film course as a young girl. She plays the saxophone and enjoys dancing to jazz music. Tim is also 13 years old and in addition to Hebrew and French, he speaks Russian and English. It's no wonder that he was able to pass our Junior Eurovision language quiz when we met them earlier today!

The duo are happy with the rehearsals so far and are looking forward to the big night. "The second rehearsal was amazing, I loved it very much. We had to repeat it again, but it was perfect in the end". The young singers are happy with the the staging of their song. The set was very beautiful and we think it’s gonna be a big show on Sunday".

As with so many participants, the Israeli pair have bonded with their fellow singers. "It’s such a friendly experience. Yesterday we were in a boat around Malta with Ireland and Italy, we had a lot of fun clapping and singing. We’ll miss it!".

Israel will perform thirteenth in the running order on Sunday.