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Ireland's Aimee Banks: "Representing my country with its national language is just amazing!"

Ireland's young soprano, Aimee Banks, seemed calm and confident as she stood on a small plinth, singing "Réalta na Mara" surrounded by images of undulating waves, a bobbing ship, and, at the very end, the song's eponymous "Star of the Sea". In tones of blue and emerald green, the song has a very serene, nautical feel.

When asked about her time on stage today, Aimee said that "It was amazing...I just can't wait to get up there again!" Not only does she bring her talent and love of classical music to the stage, but she also has a special piece of jewelry to make her feel comfortable here at the Arena Armeec: a pair of earrings that she received from her grandmother. She wears them to every competition and performance, and she feels her Nana's presence, love, and support whenever she puts them on.

It also bears mentioning that "Réalta na Mara" is the first Junior Eurovision entry ever sung in the Irish language, and the first time we've heard the language in any EBU-sanctioned contest since 1972! When asked about that, Aimee said that "to be representing my country with its national language is just amazing!"

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