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Introducing 2015: Ruslan brings magic from Belarus

31 October 2015 at 13:44 CET

Representing the 2010 hosts in Bulgaria is 13-year old Ruslan Aslanov. He won Belarus' Junior Eurovision National Selection that was held in August, taking victory from a field of ten acts in Minsk.

About the artist

Russian puts down his success as a singer to date to the wisdom of his grandmother, who first noticed his talent. Since then, he has gone on to win many awards in both Belarus and abroad - particular highlights being 'Voice: Ukraine' and the 'New Wave' Festival in Russia. 

When he's not singing, Ruslan enjoys playing football or tennis with his friends, and playing computer games!

About the song

Russian's song, "Volshebstvo" translates as 'Magic', and talks about a fairytale ending after a sad situation.

Don't be sad about it...
Love will come you back to you!
Thousands of answers....
One reply!

On stage there will be, unsurprisingly, magic! That's the theme for the performance, which will see Ruslan have the ability to control seasons and weather as he performs alone on the stage.

Find out more

You can follow Ruslan on Facebook and vKontake. Alternatively, visit his profile page to see more information about him!