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Introducing 2015: Mishela's song for friendship

Mishela Rapo was chosen to represent Albania in May and was the first act chosen for Sofia by national selection. She won the "Festivali i 51-të I Kënges për Fëmije" in a field of 13 other acts to take the prize of representing her country in Bulgaria. She is only the second ever singer from Albania to take part in Junior Eurovision, with the country's only other appearance being back in 2012.

About the artist

14-years old, Mishela hails from the Albanian capital city of Tirana. She is actually not a stranger to Junior Eurovision, having tried to represent her country before, when Albania last took part, but fell short at the national selection stage. In her young career, Mishela has already achieved much success – winning prizes at festivals in Shkoder on no less than three occasions. She also represented Albania at the Turkce olimpiyatlari in 2012, and came 6th at the Gjeniu I Vogel 4 show on TV Klan in her own country. Aside from singing, Mishela is also a very talented linguist – speaking fluent English and Turkish, as well as being able to converse in German and French too!

About the song

Let’s become a chant
Friends and buddies
In Europe, Africa
World – wide

"Dambaje" is a chant for peace and friendship around the world. It contains lyrics in several other languages in an effort to greet and unity people worldwide, wherever they are.

Find out more

You can learn more about Misha on her profile page: here, or by simply watching her Junior Eurovision song below: