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Introducing 2015: Lina's first love

About the artist

Lina Kuduzović has been well-known in Slovenia since 2010, when at age seven she became the winner of the first season of "Slovenia’s Got Talent". A year later she released her first CD with a couple of songs written especially for her, as well as a few arrangements of musical bestsellers interpreted by her.

After moving to Switzerland and working on her musical education, Lina entered the music show The Greatest Swiss Talents (Die grössten Schweizer Talente), where she made it to the finals.

About the song

Lina says that "Prva ljubezen / First Love" is about an experience that everyone must go through, and that one's first love is what everyone remembers forever.

First love, primo amore!
First love reminds me
of that December
when we both realized
that we are both in love.
First love gives me what I am.

"Prva ljubezen / First Love" was written by Lina herself with the help of Maraaya (Slovenian entrants in the Eurovision Song Contest 2015) and Krešimir Tomec. The lyrics were written by Lina, Maraaya, and Sebina Kuduzović.

Find out more

Want to know more about Lina Kuduzović? Apart from her profile on our website, you can follow her on Facebook.