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Introducing 2015: Kamilla's magic mirror

09 November 2015 at 14:57 CET

About the artist

Kamilla Ismailova is eleven years old and she comes from Russia, but since she was small she had a strong interest and connection with the small republic of San Marino. She is not only a singer, but also an actress and TV presenter despite of her age. She hosts together with her friends a music show and she also presented a fashion show.

She has made a great effort to learn Italian and to know everything about the country and since she was also very interested in the Junior Eurovision Song Contest, she decided to send a recording to the Sanmarinese public broadcaster. Of course, being selected for the Contest was a very special moment for her and since then she has been working very hard: choreography, vocal lessons, brainstorming about the performance, etc.

Apart from singing and acting, Kamilla loves horses.

About the song

Mirror mirror on the wall
Can’t you see you’re loosing control
You’re no longer steering my fate
I’m the captain of
My heart and soul

'Mirror' gives a powerful message about believing in yourself and fighting for your dreams, as Kamilla herself has done to be part of the Junior Eurovision family. The song has been composed and written by Andrelli, Josefin Glenmark and Piero Romitelli, while Kamillia has also written part of the lyrics.

Find out more

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