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Introducing 2015: Ivana and Magdalena's braid of love

After a call for applications, followed by series of auditions in Skopje, FYR Macedonian national broadcaster MRT chose two girls for this year's Junior Eurovision - Ivana Petkovska and Magdalena Aleksovska. 

About the artists

Both Ivana and Magdalena are thirteen years old and come from Skopje. Ivana is an 8th grade pupil at the Dimitar Makedonski primary school, and made her first steps in music when she aged just five. Together with KUD Nikola Jonkov Vapcarov, a Macedonian national folklore ensemble, Ivana has taken part in various festivals in her country and abroad.

Magdalena is a 9th grade primary school pupil, a sixth grade student in the State Music Ballet Centre in Skopje, and also a member of the Piccolo children’s choir. She plays the flute, and recorded her first song, "Pupil", in 2010. Magdalena has taken part in several international children's festivals, as well as national and international competitions. Her most significant performance to date was at the Slavyanskiy Bazar 2013 international children's festival in Vitebsk, Belarus.

About the song

The two girls have written "Pletenka - Braid of Love" all by themselves - Magdalena composed it, while Ivana wrote the lyrics. The translation of 'Pletenka' goes further just meaning just 'Braid', though. It can actually go as far as meaning 'Intertwined', which is why the song talks about everyone in the world being together in bonds of friendship and peace.

Together, one for the other
East, West, North, South
Let’s give out our hearts
Let’s make a braid of love

Find out more

Want to know more about Ivana and Magdalena? You can find all of their personal info (including some interesting facts!) on their profile by checking here. You can follow them on Facebook as well. And of course, don't forget to give their song (another) listen below!