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Introducing 2015: Gabriela Yordanova & Ivan Stoyanov's colours of hope


Gabriela Yordanova was chosen in September to represent the host country in the 2015 Junior Eurovision Song Contest. She will not be alone on stage: Ivan Stoyanov, who finished 2nd in the Bulgarian selection, will join her at the end of the song.    

About the artist

13-year-old Gabriela has an impressive career already despite of her age: she began to sing when she was 3 and to play violin when she was 4. She has been on stage since she was 8, has sung together with important Bulgarian artists and has been taking part in different competitions all over Europe. More recently, in spring 2015, she took part in the UNESCO and UNICEF Charity Concert “Balkan Bridges Speak” in Albania.    

Apart from singing, Gabriela loves to draw and dance and she has been swimming at a swimming club until very recently.      

About the song    

"Colour of hope" is composed by Evgeni Dimitrov, Georgi Milchev-Godjy and Slavi Trifonov and written by Ivaylo Vulchev and Gabriela herself.

Look at the rainbow, it turns into rain
And countless colourful raindrops fall.
And each one of them, if you touch it just once,
creates a thousand rainbows, where hope shines.    

The song reminds us that in this world we live in, indifferent and even cruel, we should try to make the world a better place by replacing our negative thoughts with light and hope. The song will be performed entirely in Bulgarian.

Find out more

Want to know more about Gabriela? You can find all her personal info (including some interesting facts!) by checking here her profile. You can follow her on Facebook as well.