Second rehearsal 2017 of Helena Meraai from Belarus
Second rehearsal 2017 of Helena Meraai from Belarus
— Photo: Thomas Hanses
Paul Jordan

Helena Meraai from Belarus: "Georgia is an amazing country"


Helena Meraai is representing Belarus in the 2017 Junior Eurovision Song Contest with the song I Am The One. She spoke to prior to her second rehearsal and she told us how much she is enjoying her time in Tbilisi. "My friends are from here and they kept asking me to visit and now I am here, it's perfect! There's so much history and beauty here, and the atmosphere is great. The food here is amazing. Khachapuri is very tasty too," she added with a smile. Helena's rehearsals have gone well; "The team here is very professional. I liked my rehearsal a lot and I enjoyed performing on that stage." You can watch a impression of Helena's first rehearsal here.

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