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Going to Gliwice: Meet Carla from France

06 November 2019 at 10:00 CET
Carla, France's Junior Eurovision 2019 participant FXAntonini
With her song ‘Bim Bam Toi', Carla will represent France. This is 'Going to Gliwice', our feature counting down to the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2019 on Sunday 24 November in Gliwice-Silesia, Poland.

About 'Bim Bam Toi'

Carla will sing Bim Bam Toi, a song she describes as a love song. "My song is about a girl who falls in love for the first time. She is confused and has difficulty understanding her feelings. When she sees him her heart is jumping. She thinks of him all the time when he's not there and she can’t wait to see him again."

Bim Bam Toi was written and composed by Igit and Barbara Pravi.

About Carla

Carla shared that she is very much looking forward to the Junior Eurovision Song Contest in Poland, meeting all the other candidates and learning about their different cultures. "Also, I am so looking forward to the moment when I enter the arena and discover the stage. I’m sure it will be a moment that I'll never forget. I’m so excited to be able to share this experience with my dancers and with this audience from so many different nations."

Her favourite Junior Eurovision song is Wings by 2017 Russian delegate Polina Bogusevich.

Stay tuned for the next feature participant in the Going to Gliwice series!