Georgia's The Virus: "We felt very comfortable on stage"

What energy! The Virus really know how to make the audience enjoy a performance and for sure they will get everyone moving on Saturday during the Final. As expected, their rehearsal was full of energy, calls for audience participation and good vibes.

"It was so cool and comfortable to be on stage, we liked the backgound and lights. We are so excited to be here" they said right after their rehearsal. "It is such a popular song contest in Europe and it is a responsibility for us. We are very proud of our country Georgia and we want to win."

Elen, Tako, Lizi and Data, performing with a black, blue and yellow background, gave us a very powerful performance of their song 'Gabede', a motivational song that talks about daring to change yourself and what you do not like. You can really see that they enjoy themselves on stage.

And remember the message of their song: "You should change what you do not like. Dare and do not delay. And we want everybody to overcome laziness and not to spend a lot of time sleeping!"

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