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Photo: Andres Putting (EBU)

George from Cyprus: "I already feel like a winner just being here"

George Michaelides is representing Cyprus this year with his song Dance Floor. Earlier today he took to the stage for his second round of rehearsals. His energetic performance has impressed both press and fans alike.   

George speaks both fluent Greek and fluent English and has a distinctive London accent, which is no surprise given that he studies in London. "I think the rehearsal went quite well today. It went better than the first rehearsal, because then I didn’t know what to expect, and today I felt more confident" said George. "Today I knew more of what was happening, more about the cameras as well as looking at them and things like that. It's going well". 

Whilst George is confident, he's also humble about the competition. "I just want to do the best that I can do and if you’re my supporter just thank you and I hope that you and everyone will enjoys my performance on Sunday. I already feel like a winner just to be here and I’m so honoured that my country has chosen me to represent Cyprus doing something that I love".

Dance Floor was written by Andreas Anastasiou who represented Cyprus in the Eurovision Song Contest with the song San angelos s’agapisa and in 2013 he was a member of the Belgian delegation for their Eurovision entry Love Kills with Roberto Bellarosa. 

Dance Floor was choreographed by Gareth Walker who went to school with George's mum. "The idea and concept came from seeing George perform, he's very enigmatic on the stage. We had great fun merging the different styles and creating something magical". Gareth worked as the Associate Director of the 2012 London Olympics closing ceremony as well as the Paralympics. He has also worked with Take That and popular UK act Steps.