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Final rehearsals for the kids!

22 November 2008 at 19:06 CET

This afternoon the first dress rehearsal was held and the kids loved the stage and everything went very well. We didn't see the special guests Dima Bilan, Evridiki & Dimitris Korgialas performing in that rehearsal, though.

The second one finished just moments ago and this time the young stars took the stage even more with enormous energy! Finally also Dima performed his hit Number One Fan and his winning Eurovision Song Contest song Believe! Evrediki and Dimitris also took part in this rehearsal and looked great. There were some problems with the televoting part but the organizers do everything to solve this for the live broadcast.

Now there's only one more dress rehearsal left and then the big night arrives where the whole of Europe will see their fantastic young singers performing! 

Remember, the show will be broadcast at 20:15 CET Saturday evening!