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Ferre to Belgian finals!

Emma sung the cheerful Jamanee about a place of her dreams. One of the judges, Stan Van Samang, immediately became fan of the sparkles in Emma’s eyes. Eva of Trust (Belgian candidate for the 2007 Junior Eurovision Song Contest) was impressed by the 10-year-old singer too, but also felt that Emma was somewhat insecure on stage.

Ferre went for a more mature approach with (Met Mijn) Ogen Toe. Ralf Mackenbach (winner of the 2010 Junior Eurovision Song Contest) was delighted about the energy in Ferre’s song. Also, Jelle van Dael was full of praise – she even secretly hoped that Ferre was singing for her eyes only.

Then the jury had again the task of choosing between both candidates. Walter Grootaers en Jelle Vandael chose Ferre, Ralf Mackenbach and Stan Van Samang proved to be fan of Emma. 

Accordingly the jury of former Junior Eurosong-winners had the decisive vote and chose Ferre over Emma. Ferre was over the moon, but also felt sorry for Emma – as for him she certainly deserved a place in the finals.

Watch our video below!

DNA was chosen yesterday to be in the final, to be held on Friday. In the third show, to be broadcast tomorrow, Emile and Jill & Lauren will compete for a spot in the final show this Friday.