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Femke goes for The Netherlands

As usual for the past years, the Dutch national selection consisted of semi-finals with a total of 8 participants. In the end it was between four direct qualifiers and one who qualified via a wildcard given by an internet vote.

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It was up to the viewers, an adult jury and a jury that consisted of last year's participants. And they decided that the final top five should look exactly like that:

  1. Femke - Tik Tak Tik - 31 points
  2. Alessandro - Una Chica Especial - 30 points
  3. Mainstreet - Stop The Time - 26 points
  4. Sterre - I'm Singing - 26 points
  5. Melle - Dromen - 25 points

As you can see - it was Femke who took home a very close victory with just one point. And so it's her Tik Tak Tik that will represent The Netherlands on the 1st of December in Amsterdam. Good luck!