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Federica Falzon: "It's the biggest, most beautiful experience of my life."

11 November 2014 at 18:58 CET

Looking poised and focused, Federica performed a strong rendition of "Diamonds" in front of the crew and press who had excitedly assembled to watch her. Her staging is straightforward and simple: one singer, no choreography, and a backdrop that resembles strings of her song's namesake jewel. Much like her predecesor, Gaia Cauchi, Federica and her team felt that a simple presentation would work best with a song with dramatic vocal elements like hers.

Commenting on her experiences on stage today, Federica said: "I think they went really great. I had so much fun, and we're hoping for the best on Saturday." When asked about how she feels singing on home soil, she remarked,"It's a big honour for me, and it's the biggest, most beautiful experience of my life."

While a positive rehearsal experience is always exciting, there was an extra buzz in the venue as Federica sung: Her Excellency, President Marie-Louise Coleiro Preca, stopped by to check on the proceedings. Seasoned performers might feel a pang of nerves when performing in front of their Head of State, but Federica kept a level head and continued singing. "I did my best, so she would like it, and she seemed to like it very much! She's a really nice person, a great woman, just amazing." Observing the President's reaction, the feeling might just be mutual.