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The stars tell us what's in their fantasy Junior Eurovision party!

28 November 2020 at 20:00 CET
The Junior Eurovision 2020 stage EBU / Stijn Smulders
What would a dream Junior Eurovision party look like for some of our 2020 stars? We find out what makes an epic day of festivities according to Karakat, Chanel, Valentina, Petar and Sofia!

Glitter, cake, surprise guests and of course music are just some of the fun involved in these parties. Let's see what the 5 participants have come up with!

Karakat for Kazakhstan!

The Junior Eurovision 2020 Fantasy Party by Karakat from Kazakhstan! EBU

My fantasy Junior Eurovision party will be in a large house in the middle of an indescribable nature, in the courtyard of which there is a huge playground with swings and trampolines. The invited guests will all be in identical sweatshirts and will be greeted by music from my favourite Disney cartoons: Rapunzel, Coco and others. The buffet tables are filled with unhealthy but tasty burgers, a sea of fries, fancy cakes, chocolate, gummy sweets, and assorted juices.

When the guests have played enough, we will go into the house, where we will watch cartoons, sing soundtracks, talk with each other for a very long time and enjoy each others' company!

Valentina for France!

The Junior Eurovision 2020 Fantasy Party by Valentina from France! EBU

My fantasy Junior Eurovision party will start by receiving a beautiful invitation card that requests we all dress up and the party will occur in Warsaw obviously! I will be surrounded by all my family too. I will dress myself up and put my prettiest clothes on. On the day, a black car will wait for me in the front of the hotel where I'm staying and it will take me to a secret location. In the car, thousands of ideas tumble out of my head...

I imagine a huge ballroom in an old palace with gorgeous structures, just like in Beauty and the Beast. When I finally arrive, I will be dazzled! There will be lights everywhere and it will look even more beautiful than my crazy dreams! The palace I imagined will be right in front of me and there will even be a red carpet! It will be spectacular and I will feel like a princess!

I will enter the room which is decorated with plenty of colours and glitter. It will have a small table with candles and chocolates on top of it and some unicorn shaped piñatas hanging above it on the ceiling. There will also be a huge central table that is big enough to welcome all the contestants and their families. Lots of them will already be there and will come up to me saying: "Valentina!" This would make me so happy. I really want to get to know all of them!

I will immediately notice a big speaker! The program of the night will be announced on it and will include a candlelit dinner, a dance floor, and of course a big stage so we can all sing together in our different languages! I will recognise the other candidates and they will also welcome me warmly. The dinner will be fantastic too!

Someone will start singing and we will all sing along with them too! We will learn some of each others'languages, we will spend the night talking and laughing and dancing together. This is the party I would love to have, where I can meet all the contestants of the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2020!

Petar for Serbia!

The Junior Eurovision 2020 Fantasy Party by Petar from Serbia! EBU

My fantasy Junior Eurovision party would be great! I would invite my favourite Eurovision artists, for example my favourite from the Eurovision Song Contest so far is Mahmood who competed for Italy in 2019 and then Duncan Lawrence (winner 2019), Celine Dion (winner 1988), Hurricane (Serbia 2020), Salvador Sobral (winner 2017), Marija Serifovic (winner 2007), and of course all the JESC participants too! Then, I would love to invite, in my opinion, the biggest queen in the world - Kesha! She will be there as a surprise to all the guests, like Madonna was in the ESC 2019! We would have Christmas sweets and snacks and everything would be in the Christmas spirit! At the start of the party, Kesha, Mahmood, and I would sing my two favourite songs: Praying by Kesha and Soldi, by Mahmood. At the end, everyone would sing Share the Joy which was the song from the JESC 2019 event!

Sofia for Russia!

The Junior Eurovision 2020 Fantasy Party by Sofia from Russia! EBU

For my Junior Eurovision 2020 party, I would choose the location to be a beautiful tropical island and invite all the participants and organizers of the 2020 competition there. I would also take their family, my family, friends and my beloved dog, Johnny who is a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel.

We would sing and dance by the ocean all day, and have a magical firework display in the evening. And for dessert, I would order a giant cake in the shape of a globe!

And last but not least...

Chanel for Malta!

My fantasy Junior Eurovision party will have lots of decorations: green, pink and purple balloons; disco balls and disco lights; sparkles; unicorns; Disney Princesses, fairies, and other characters too!

There will be lots of games to play as well: Karaoke with colourful microphones and all the JESC 2020 songs on the list; Charades; and 'Guess the song'.

Everyone will be there, including all the JESC 2020 participants of course, as well as my family, and the team for Chasing Sunsets is a must! My friends Amy, Lailah, Elisa, Julia, Geneve, Mariah, Katryce and more will also be there for the fun!

And I want to have a surprise for everyone too! Destiny from ESC 2020 and Michela from ESC 2019 will arrive and I sing with them too! I would also like to have my favourite band, Red Electrick, to perform for everyone and we could even sing Chasing Sunsets together!

Then, of course, there will be great food! Guests will enjoy pizza, pasta, mini burgers, mini hot dogs, candy, marshmallows, and a big chocolate cake with Move the World and the JESC logo on it!

Let us know which party would you like to join the most!