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Executive Producer presents Junior 2009 details

"The concept of the artistic design is based on an authentic Ukrainian ornament. The logo amendments represent the tree of life," Tkachenko explained. Oleksandr Dmytrenko, Venue Manager, presented the Palats Sportu, where the 2009 Junior Eurovision Song Contest will take place, and explained how Host Broadcaster NTU will turn the hall in a fully equipped TV event venue.

Show Producer Oleksiy Hetchikov presented more details about the television show. The show will be opened by the children's ballet A6 and the Jazz-Step Dance Class of Volodymyr Shpudeyko. The children's sports dancing ensemble, Pulse, will then take over. Young acrobats Karyn Rudnycka and Yuriy Kuzynsky will then accompany all participating contestants on stage during the opening act. NTU is still in negotiations with various artists to perform during the interval act, as well as the host(s) of the show.

Stephan Koval has been appointed as Graphics Designer for the 2009 Junior Eurovision Song Contest. The broadcast design, as well as the postcard videos in between the songs, is based on plasticine art. The young contestants play a central role in the postcard videos.

Mikael Varhelyi designed the stage for the upcoming contest. It is the first time in the history of the Junior and Eurovision Song Contest that a part of the audience is integrated in the stage itself. Sven Stojanovic, appointed by NTU as Multi-camera Director of the event, said: "This show is quite different from any we've seen before. We are going to focus a lot more on the performers on stage, using less camera's and showing more emotion." The greenroom, where the artists gather after their performances, is again located next to the stage, as in 2007 and 2008. Stojanovic also directed the Eurovision Song Contest in 2004, 2005 and 2008.

Victoria Romanova, Event Manager on behalf of NTU, presented the Ukrainian House as host of the welcome party, to take place on Monday the 16th of November (19:00 local time). The after-party will take place at the delegations' hotel.