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Excitement growing: stage building started

01 November 2010 at 12:49 CET

The main idea of this large-scale construction is "the Land under White Wings". That’s how Belarus - the host country of this year’s contest - is often called.

"As you know, the stage design is closely connected with the logo of the contest. We’ve already assembled 2 arches to the right of the main stage. Our next step is the Green Room. It will be linked with the main stage by a special bridge that will symbolise the unity of different countries," says Ulf Mårtensson, the stage designer of the 2010 Junior Eurovision Song Contest. 

Although the stage design is the brainchild of Swedish artists, it will be made by Belarusian specialists. All the elements of the construction have the seal "Made in Belarus". 

Still the main stage has to be not only big and impressive, but also safe. That’s why it will be made of strong fireproof materials that will be able to bear up under the huge weight of sound and lighting equipment. 

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By the way, the lighting equipment used at the show will be not only stationary. As a matter of fact, the main stage has a round shape and is situated almost in the centre of the concert hall. This quality makes it differt from other venues where previous editions of the contest took place. The spectators’ seats are located even at the rear side of the stage.

"The viewers at the back of the stage will become participants of an extraordinary light performance. Each of them will be given a pocket flashlight and they will be creating a special magical atmosphere during the show" – says Aleksei Vashourin, specialisyy from the Host Broadcaster, BTRC. 

The main stage of Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2010 will not be the only one. The hosts of the show will be standing on a smaller stage during the whole show. The designers have also prepared some other surprises!  

The 2010 Junior Eurovision Song Contest will be held on the 20th of November in the Belarusian capital of Minsk.