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The EBU & TVP present Junior Eurovision 2019

22 November 2019 at 18:17 CET
EBU/TVP Press Conference Thomas Hanses
The EBU and Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2019 Host Broadcaster TVP welcomed the press at Arena Gliwice. Attending the press conference were Jon Ola Sand, Executive Supervisor of the Contest, and Jacek Kurski, President of Polish Broadcaster TVP.

After the end of the day of second rehearsals, Jacek Kurski was the first to welcome everyone to the press conference: "It is a pleasure to welcome you all, a warm welcome to the journalists here. I am very proud that TVP is the host of the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2019, and I am proud to highlight the good relations between Europe, the EBU and TVP."

EBU/TVP Press Conference Thomas Hanses

"An excellent cooperation"

He then thanked the EBU for welcoming Poland back to the European competition and shared his excitement in welcoming everyone to the gorgeous region of Silesia. "We have prepared a world-class show. We have the best in the market on board for this production, I am confident this edition of the Contest will be one of the best, or maybe the best, ever. I am very anxious, and I cannot wait. It was a pleasure to work with the EBU; the show will be the culmination of excellent cooperation."

EBU/TVP Press Conference Thomas Hanses

"Thank you for hosting us"

Jon Ola Sand then gave his thanks back to Jacek Kurski and TVP. "This year, from day one when TVP took on the challenge [of hosting], it has indeed been very, very good cooperation. The Junior Eurovision Song Contest is growing year by year and the interest is spreading. With Poland and Spain coming back this year, it is a good trend. I am confident that Junior will continue to grow. Watch out Eurovision Song Contest, Junior is coming!"

EBU/TVP Press Conference Thomas Hanses

Jon Ola went on, "You will see, on Sunday, something spectacular. With all the kids and TVP, we are up to something special. Poland has a great market in Europe which is great to spread the good word around Poland and beyond."

"Better, exciting and more sustainable"

The press asked Jon Ola about any last wishes in his last year as the Executive Supervisor of the Eurovision Song Contest. To that, Jon Ola was quick to affirm the strength of the team he works with: "It isn't only me, we have a strong team that will continue the good work that we have done over the last years. I have no rabbits coming out of my hat this year. There will be a new Executive Supervisor coming on board after Rotterdam that will hopefully have their own vision, but there won't be major changes, this is a steady oil tanker we are running. But we always working to make it better, exciting and more sustainable."

EBU/TVP Press Conference Thomas Hanses

The press was then thanked for their attendance and Jon Ola Sand and Jacek Kurski posed together for official photos.