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EBU: Junior will go on for many years

The first press conference featured the Belarusian contestant from 2007, Dmitry Koldun and Yuri Oksamitniy from UNICEF. 

As UNICEF is this year's Junior Eurovision Song Contest's co-producer then the theme UNICEF promotes this year - helping the children with special needs - is featured throughout the show. For example, all the televoting revenue will go to UNICEF's special fund. 

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"We found out this year together with the EBU that we will continue our co-operation in the future too," Oksamitniy was sure.

UNICEF presented also the song performed during the show by Dmitry Koldun and all 14 participants - A Day Without War. 

"The song is about the real life of these challenged children not wars with guns and other weapons," Koldun explained.

'Junior Eurovision Song Contest will go on for many years'

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The second press conference held was the one by the EBU and BTRC, this year's Host Broadcaster. 

Svante Stockselius, the Executive Supervisor of the Junior Eurovision Song Contest, introduced the key facts of this year's contest.

Namely, this year we have 14 countries taking part, which is one more than last year. "We welcome Moldova and we welcome back Latvia, Lithuania and the Swedish broadcaster SVT," Stockselius said.

He also expressed the feelings of the EBU concerning the future of the contest - "We expect this contest to go on for many more years, this is not the last contest," the Executive Supervisor said.