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DnA: the first Belgian finalists!

27 September 2010 at 20:15 CEST

DnA turned out to be the winner of the first show. Daan and Anne-Sophie of DnA got 4 out of 5 votes from the jury for their song Power Aan De Kids. Ine took the stage with her song Kusje Van Mij but was voted down.

DnA, the first contender in the show, totally rocked and judge Stan Van Samang was impressed by their strong performance. Also Laura Omloop, the Belgian candidate of 2009, thought their act was very energetic and daring. Then Ine sung Kusje Van Mij.

One of the judges, Walter Grootaers found a great singer in her and predicted that Ine would certainly be a superstar in the future. Another judge, Ralf Mackenbach, the Dutch winner of last year's Junior Eurovision Song Contest, advised Ine to try harder to seize the moment – he missed true enjoyment in Ine’s performance.

And then the jury had the task of choosing between both candidates. As where Walter Grootaers showed himself a fan of Ine, the others chose DnA as the better candidate. Anne-Sophie’s victory tasted bittersweet; she was of course happy for DnA, but felt truly sorry for her best friend Ine.

Watch our video below!

In the second show (broadcast on Tuesday, 28th of September), candidates Emma and Ferre will compete for a spot in the final show next Friday.