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Daniil gets Belarusian ticket to... Minsk

11 September 2010 at 20:23 CEST

Daniil is 13 years old. He began to sing very early - at the age of 3. In addition to winning the Junior Eurovision Song Contest this year he dreams of seeing our planet from the space. "I'm very happy !!! For me music is everything, everything around us," said Daniel after the show.  Congratulations!

11 talents fought for the ticket to the 2010 Junior Eurovision Song Contest. Besides their own songs, the finalists sang all together one more. This song was written by 14 year old Kirill Ermakov, who had been trying several times to participate in the contest.

"This song is about friendship and peace. It says, that music  is the main thing in our life", the author said. You can see the entry below!

The hosts of the national selection  were Ksenia Sitnik, the winner of the 2005 Junior Eurovision Song Contest,  and the leader of the Belarusian group  Drozdy and  Vitaly Carpanov.

For Daniil this show was just a rehearsal of the great show in  Minsk on the 20th of November 2010!