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Creating the Common Song

The title of the song is completely true to the ‘Be Creative!’ motto for Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2013 and the writers have woven this through the song like a golden thread.

Using Yevgen Matiushenko's words, the children will sing about the idea of unity through music, confidence in the future and the desire to make this world better.  Not to lose chances; not to do things by halves but to believe in oneself – that’s the idea they want to share in song with their peers, the participants of the contest, and everyone watching:

‘……..A thousand years ago / The people learned how to create

And if you ever feel low / Think of the greater things ahead

You’ve got the puzzles to solve / The struggles that you’re going through

You’re not alone as you go / You’ve got the passion leading you

Come on and take a chance…..’

Sentiments that perfectly suit the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2013 and us all.