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Countdown to Tbilisi: Russia's Polina has Wings!

11 November 2017 at 08:00 CET
Polina Bogusevich will represent Russia in the forthcoming Junior Eurovision Song Contest in Tbilisi. The young singer has taken part in numerous competitions and her song for Junior Eurovision is called 'Wings'.

Polina Bogusevich was born in 2003 in Moscow. In 2014 Polina took part in the first season of The Voice Kids and she won the second prize in the New Wave Junior contest. In 2015, she won the international competition Sanremo Junior 2015 and she rose to the Super Final of the Bitva Talantov song contest in 2016.

In 2016, Polina participated in a concert called The First Fifty Years in the Kremlin Palace which was held to celebrate the 50th birthday anniversary of Sergey Zhilin and his orchestra, Fonograf. Polina is also the soloist of the orchestra. Get to know more about Polina by watching our special video feature:

The song Wings makes us see that no one is alone in this world. We are all winners in this life no matter where we come from or who we are. We all have equal opportunities and rights. People should not be embarrassed about their appearance or their social status. All of us have the right to love and be happy. Watch the video for Wings below. 

Participating in Junior Eurovision Song Contest is a giant step forward in Polina’s career. Winning the contest is not her only aim, she wants to gain new experience and skills necessary for a future career in music. Polina is inspired by watching her idols and their concerts make her realize how much effort and time it will take before she can approach their level of art and skill.