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Countdown to Tbilisi: Find out more about Jana and Irina from Serbia

13 November 2017 at 15:07 CET
Jana Paunović and Irina Brodić will represent Serbia in the 2017 Junior Eurovision Song Contest. As we countdown the days until Junior Eurovision 2017, we get to know the two singers.

Jana lives in Belgrade and in addition to going to school she plays the double bass and has won first prizes in all the contests she competed in. She dances jazz ballet, takes singing lessons and is very active in the field of music and media, participating in fashion shows, public and charity events, recording various commercials and programmes. Jan also provided the voiceover for Maksim, the protagonist in Maksim’s Adventures, a cartoon broadcast by RTS.    

Irina lives Šabac and started showing off her talent for music when she was little. At the age of five, she joined a singing choir, and a year later she started taking piano lessons. At the age of 11, she held her first solo concert as a pianist. Irina has received many awards including seven first prizes at national contests. She has competed in 30 international competitions, 20 of which she has taken the top prize. In 2017, she received an award in the category of Chamber Orchestra so she was given the opportunity to perform at a gala concert at the Berlin Philharmonic. 


Forming a part of the band Pahuljice, Irina and Jana had a noted performance in the TV programme I Can Do Anything (Ja mogu sve) broadcast by the RTS. In 2017, they will both represent RTS and Serbia with the song The Whole World is Ours, which they co-authored. Jana and Irina’s message of the song is that the whole world belongs to everyone and that we shouldn’t forget that. Participating in the Junior Eurovision Song Contest is a dream come true for both girls and they are going to do the best they can, have fun and make a lot of new friends.