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Competition for Justin Timberlake!

20 November 2008 at 03:47 CET

The Lithuanians started with a great hello to Cyprus and went on to the catchy chorus. Lead singer Eglė Jurgaitytė, with her Lithuanian national color wool stockings, also asked the audience to join her in singing the chorus line. 

The FYR Macedonian Bobi Andonov, who is a little ill, presented a very modern song with great choreography. Justin Timberlake, you've got competition! In the beginning of the song he and the three backing dancers have all turned their backs to the audience. The performance itself is very similar to their national selection one and has a lot of energy in it. And Bobi... get well soon!

Elena Mannouri and Charis Savva from Cyprus gave a good performance with a huge golden mirror and two luxurious chairs in the back. The act looked like six friends were having fun on the stage and was of happy spirit.

Tomorrow, the young stars from all countries get a chance to rehearse once again. Then, on Friday, the first so-called dress rehearsals will be held. That means the entire show will be rehearsed from the beginning until the end.